Friday, December 9, 2016


Finally, a full length from Chicago's CRACKED VESSEL sees the light of day.  Years in the works, these eight songs see the band at their most ambitious, creative, and aggressive yet.  Hardcore punk backbone underneath searing black metal blasts melded into song structures that demand repeat listens.

Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl in hand-assembled screen-printed jackets, hand drawn and stamped center labels, and numbered half-sized, full color booklet inserts.

This is HKR-020.

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In addition, I've added a bunch of new stuff to the distro and marked down a ton of records too!   One thing of note is the beautiful ANTILLES 2xLP, a band which would go on to feature members of CRACKED VESSEL, on Kid Sister Everything.

Lots of used punk and hardcore 7"s and LPs in the distro today.  Here's the list:

No Delusions DVD (restock)

Antilles - Beholder/Destroyer 2xLP + CD
Attention! - s/t LP
Cara Neir - Perpetual Despair Is The Human Condition LP
Ivy - s/t LP (test press/tour press)
Midnight - Complete and Total Hell 2xLP
Naomi Punk – Television Man LP
Naomi Punk – The Feeling LP
No Statik – Everywhere You Aren't Looking LP (pink)
Pollution - r Smut LP
Sea of Bones/Ramlord - split LP
Warm Needles - Don't Tell Me How To Live LP

Acts of Sedition/Sadville - split 7" (white)
Aerosols - 3rd 7"
Bridesmaid/Sun Splitter - split 7"
Culo - Military Trend 7"
Culo - Toxic Vision 7"
Fight Amp - Ugly Kids Do Ugly Things 7"
Fight Amp/Cash In - split 7"
Fourteen or Fight - s/t 7"
Get Rad – Bastards United 7" (blue/green)
Inservibles – Una Vida De Tristeza 7"
Mystic Inane – Deep Creep 7"
No Friends #4 zine + flexi (Tenement/Dyke Drama/Endless Column/Jamie and the Debt)
No Statik – Never Be A Martyr 7" (purple)
Sea of Shit - s/t 7"
Sejr - s/t 7"
Vaccine - Human Hatred 7"

Immortal Bird - Empress/Abscess CS
Our Place of Worship is Silence - The Embodiment of Hate CS
Pollution - 120608 CS
Pure Scum - Demo CS

Thanks as always.  Back with plenty more soon!

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