Thursday, February 12, 2015

NOTCHES Test Presses Shipped!

The second press of the first GIDIM tape is now for sale in the store.  100 more copies were pressed, this time with pro-printed o-cards and gray cardstock inserts.  THe first press went pretty quickly, so if you'd like a copy and missed out, now's the time.

Also plenty of new distro goodies to snag:

Hurula - s/t LP
No - Great Space LP
Sedatives - s/t LP
White Walls ‎– Kevin "The Magnum Opus" LP

Altered Boys - s/t 7"
Manipulation - s/t 7"
Pretty Girls Make Graves - Sad Girls Por Vida 7"
Rational Animals - Cross Eyed Delights 7"
Sawhorse - s/t 7"
SHIT - Generation Shit 7"
SHIT - Collective Unconsciosness 7"
Sucked Dry - s/t 7"
Una Bestia Incontrolable - Nou Mon 7"
Urban Blight - s/t 7"

Gidim - s/t CS

In label news, NOTCHES test presses should be here by the end of the week, as should GRASSEATERS artwork!  I'm very excited to loose both of these releases on the world soon.
New trades and used stuff coming very soon as well.