Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sale Time!

In an attempt to make some room and some funds, I've put all Hip Kid releases and Boilerman shirts on sale.  I also dropped a couple of distro item prices.  Strike while the iron is hot!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cancer is a Punk LP

Just added the thoroughly solid Cancer is a Punk LP comp to the distro.  Check out this track listing:

Mixtapes -Your Little Hoodrat Friend 
Landmines -Three Little Pigs 
Sore Subjects -Back To The Jungle 
Caffiends -Your All Talk 
The Fizzy Pops -Cheap Talk 
Be My Doppleganger -Nah, I'm Just Kiddin' 
Flamingo Nosebleed -Stag Party 
The Dopamines -10 Stories (acoustic) 
Up For Nothing -The Slouch 
The Boston Thieves -Gasoline Whiskey 
It Goes On -Is It Depressing Yet? 
The Putz -Lunatic 
Larf -Possibilities 
Lipstick Homicide -Moody's Point 
Teenage Rehab -Southside Poverty 
Direct Hit! -Rockaway Beach

I've got limited pink copies so get on it.