Sunday, December 21, 2014

12-21-14 Distro Update

A small, but crucial update this week.  Some required black metal LPs, used cassettes, and some fresh new 7"s:

Orlok ‎– Black Funeral Holocaust LP
Rhinocervs - RH 13 LP

Ajax - Bleach for Breakfast 7"
Trepan Nation - SXE 7" (white)
Warthog - Chain Wallet Demo 7"

Fugazi - Red Medicine CS (used)
Purling Hiss - s/t CS (tour edition)
Roomrunner - s/t CS (used)
Woods - At Echo Lake CS (used)

No Hold Back All Attack! 2xCD

The NOTCHES EP and long awaited GRASSEATERS cassette are both coming out in early 2015.  Until then, be back with more new and used jams after the new year!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

12-7-14 Distro Update

A small haul of new and used goodies, including a GISM tape, some 90s classics, and some cool newer releases.

Lich/Resurrectionists - split LP
Planks/Lentic Waters - split LP (white)
Sacrificio - s/t LP
V/A - Give Me Back LP

Winepress/The Fighters - Ramblin' Boys of Pleasure split 7"

Beat Happening - 1983 - 1985 CS (used)
GISM - Detestation CS
Husker Du - Warehouse Songs and Stories CS (used)
Mike Watt - Ball-Hog Or Tugboat? CS (used)
Shoppers - Goodbye to All That CS (used)
V/A - Hey Drag City CS (used)

To reiterate, all money that comes in through the Bandcamp in December is being donated to the St. Louis area food bank (which services Ferguson) and the Ferguson Public Library.  So buy some digital jams for a good cause at

I'll have the distro out at the Access/Praxis punk swap on 12/12 in Chicago.  Come out and grab some goodies and watch some solid local bands.  Seeya there.