Friday, September 23, 2016

Distro Update 9/23/16

A bunch of new additions from the KID SISTER EVERYTHING distro archives up in the distro.  Lots of unplayed copies of post-rock, screamo, metal, punk, and lots of ANIMAL LOVER goods for those who know what's good for them.  Also a handful of used goodies by the likes of CELTIC FROST, HAMMERHEAD, and more.  Here's the list:

Cloud Mouth - Keep Well 10" (clear/black)

Animal Lover - Guilt LP (color)
Animal Lover - Fundango LP (gold/red)
Aussitot Mort - Discographie 2xLP (gray)
Black Everest/Captain Your Ship Is Sinking - split LP (blue)
Black Kites/Swallowed Up - split LP
Celtic Frost ‎– Only Demos Are Real 2xLP (green+black)
Cloud Mouth - That Ghost Is Always With Me LP (chron cloud)
Downfall Of Gaia / In The Hearts Of Emperors - split LP
Hammerhead - New Directionz LP (white)
Isis - Oceanic Remixes Volume II LP
Matthew Akers - Tough To Kill LP
Modern Life Is War - My Love My Way LP (red)
You And I - Saturdays Cab Ride Home LP

Grin And Bear It - s/t 7"
Jowls/The Reptilian - split 7"
Mans/Lion of the North - split 7" (color/black)
Mountain Asleep - Smile Medicine 7" (limited)
Sofy Major/Her Breath On Glass - split 7"

Animal Lover - Live on WHPK CS
Mans - 2013 CS

The CRACKED VESSEL LP is moving along quickly.  More news on that soon, as well as some other exciting release news.  Stay tuned.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Distro Update 9/12/16

New stuff from HALO OF FLIES, SORRY STATE, RAT KING, and the new WARTHOG 7" in the distro now along with some choice used cuts:

Cloud Rat/Republic of Dreams - split LP
Dawn Ray'd - A Thorn, A Blight LP (clear)
Kowabunga Kid - Wasting My Time LP
Nasa Space Universe - Ice LP
Primitive Man/Northless - split LP (green)
Trauma Harness - Tried My Hardest LP
Wipers - Over The Edge LP (fanclub)

NOTA - Hell Hole 7"
Blackball s/t 7"
Crow - s/t 7"
Double Negative - Hits 7" (pink)
Drugcharge - s/t flexi 7"
Warthog - s/t 7"

Livin' Thing - Demo CS

The ANGRY GODS LP release show was great.  Be sure to see them on tour with MORAL VOID right now while you can!

CRACKED VESSEL test presses are approved and in production.  Keep your eyes peeled, this thing is really good.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Liz Panella Distro Extravaganza

Liz Panella Day in the distro!  New EARTH GIRLS, split with MARK PLANT, and some vintage LIBYANS.  Catch 'em all!  Plus SPIT-TAKE, SHEER MAG, and BIG EYES stuff.

Earth Girls - Wanderlust LP (red)
Libyans - A Common Place LP

Big Eyes - Demo 7"
Libyans - Paralyzed 7"
Libyans/God Equals Genocide - split 7"
Sheer Mag - s/t 7"
Spit-Take - Queens Pawn Game 7"

Kontaminat - Demo CS
Liz Panella/Mark Plant - split CS

Don't forget ANGRY GODS and MORAL VOID kick off their tour on Friday in Chicago.  Check em out if you're anywhere around these places:

9/9 - Chicago, IL @ Club Rectum w/ RASH, Stay Asleep
9/10 - Peoria, IL @ Rail II w/ Reduced To Instinct, Stye, Foolish Belief
9/11 - Cincinnati, OH @ Northside Yacht Club w/ Coelacanth, Caves
9/12 - Nashville, TN @ DrkMtr
9/13 - Charlotte, NC @ The Station w/ PowerTakeOff
9/14 - Richmond, VA @ 25 Watt
9/15 - NYC @ Don Pedro w/ Narcoleptics
9/16 - Philadelphia, PA @ Millcreek Tavern w/ No Stayer
9/17 - Columbus @ TBA
9/18 - Detroit, MI @ Sanctuary Detroit w/ Braidedveins, The Savage Seven