Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Distro Update 1/25/17

New stuff from RASH and SPIT-TAKE, old stuff from BOILERMAN, cheap Japanese hardcore, and a cool smattering of used pop punk and hardcore stuff.  Here's the list:

Rash - Skinner Box LP
The Unlovables - Heartsickle LP (blue)

Assfort - Change Of Price Or Real Speed 7"
Boilerman - Bright Young Things 7" (seafoam)
Cleveland Bound Death Sentence - Gateway Handshake 7"
Low Threat Profile - Product #3 7"
Man Is The Bastard - First Noise/First Music 7"
Total Fury - Live At Nile Studio 7"
Total Fury / Grissle - split 7"
Viper - Committing the Seven Deadly Sins 7"

Boilerman - Demo CS
Carbonleak - Waveland B/W Bearing CS
Chain's Gang - s/t CS
Cold Shoulder - Same Fucking Excuses CS
Fuel - s/t CS
Spit-Take - Tadpole CS
Violent Future - Demo CS

In label news, LIQUIDS - Hot Liqs LP is in production.  Split released with NOT NORMAL and coming atcha soon.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Distro Update 1/10/2017

Happy new year!  A bunch of crucial new stuff in the distro today like both URANIUM CLUB LPs, the new QUESTION LP, the KREIGSHOG repress, some Sarah Kirsch bands, and unplayed stock copies of the SOCIAL COMA and CHICAGO'S STILL BURNING records.  Plus the best demo of 2016 by PLURAL BEING and a brand new SODA KILLERS zine.  Here's the list:

Baader Brains - New Era Hope Colony LP
Extortion - Sick LP (white)
Extortion - Degenerate LP (clear)
John Henry West - Door Bolted Shut LP+CD
Kreigshog - s/t LP
Sedatives - s/t LP
Question - s/t LP
Uranium Club - All Them Naturals LP
Uranium Club - Human Exploration LP

8 Bark - The Big Wheel 7"
APPLE - Neither Victims Nor Executioners 7" (red)
Bib - Pop 7"
Riverdales - Back To You 7"
Social Coma - s/t 7"
V/A - Chicago's On Fire Again 7"

Cara Neir/Wild Speaker - split CS
Plural Being - Demo CS

Not Necessarily the News #5 zine
Soda Killers #13 zine

Thanks as always.  Back with plenty more soon!