Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1/28/14 Distro Update

Some incredible imports, a few used jammers and a final found copy of the mighty Street Preacher #1.

Yacopsae/Deep - split 5"
Discordance Axis/Cosmic Hearse - split 7"
Divine Right - Pray For Me 7"
Pyramido / Usurpress - split 7"

Acute - Murder Notice LP
Choas UK/Extreme Noise Terror - split LP
Dispair - Heading For The Void LP
Enemy Soil - Fractured Theology LP
Leatherface - Minx+ LP
Meanwhile - Lawless Solidarity LP (green)
Pissed Jeans - Hope For Men LP (white)
Poison Idea - Feel The Darkness LP
Pusrad - Domd LP
Pyramido - Saga LP
Sokea Piste - Välikäsi LP
We Must Dismantle All This! - Decathect LP (green)
V/A - Can You Break Through?: Skene! Compilation LP

The Coltranes - Never Sleep Again/Man With The Hat CS

Street Preacher #1 zine (restock)


I've got a stack of stuff ready for next week, so hold on to your butts.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1/21/14 Distro Update

Some great Japanese hardcore, black metal, raw punk, and more.

Abolitionist - The Growing Disconnect LP + CD
Lotus Fucker - Forever My Fighting Spirit LP

A.G.E./Giuda - split 7" (picture disc)
Abigail - Tribute To NME 7" $4.00Active
Acephalix - s/t 7"
Crooked Cross - s/t 7" (gold)
D-Clone/Mauser/Folkeiis - Complete Aural Turmoil 7"
Dawn Of Humans - Blurst Of The Birdfish 7"
Etae - 7" (red)
Glocca Morra - Ghoul Intentions (yellow) - restock
Hellshock - Warlord 7" (white)
Hellshock - Arrows To The Poor / Last Sunset 7"
Krossa - s/t 7"
Nuclear Family - s/t 7"
Pretty Little Flower/Uzi Suicide - split 7"
Rotten - Thrash n' Roll 7" (black/red swirl)
Slices - s/t 7" (white)
Systematic Death - Systema Seven 7" (brown)
XbrainiaX/No Comply - split 7"


HUGE update with lots of imports and some used stuff next week.
Save your pennies because you're going to want it all.

Monday, January 6, 2014

First Distro Update of 2014

I'm trapped inside by deadly cold, so here are a bunch of new records.  Some LPs, some tapes, a ton of 7"s, and a new zine:

Bob Mould - Silver Age LP
Kurt Vile - Wakin' On A Pretty Daze 2xLP

Automatics - In Disguise 7"
Big Eyes - Back From The Moon 7"
Billy Raygun - Seasick 7" (gray)
Billy Raygun/Rational Anthem - split 7"
Bloody Gears - Frozen Rain 7"
Cheap Art - Desocialized 7"
Closet Fairies/Party Garbage split 7" (grey)
Dead Mechanical - A Great Lie 7" (pink)
Def Choice - Culture Is Dead 7" (pink)
Falter - Descent 7" (blue/pink swirl)
Mall'd To Death - The Process Of Reaching Out 7"
The Measure [sa]/O Pioneers! - split 7" (purple)
The Heartdrops - Truth Comes Around 7"
No Tongue - s/t 7"
North Lincoln - AOTU Single 7"
Old Flings/Break-Ups split 7"
Rat Storm - Empty Hands 7" (colored vinyl)
Shang-A-Lang - Summertime 7" (white)
Stymie/Kicking Spit - split 7" (lavender)
Warm Needles/Costanza split 7"
Warm Needles - Pretty Tambo 7"
The Wayouts - Valentine's Day 7" (red)

Peeple Watchin' - Something Ta Tell Ya CS
Occultonomy - Demo CS

Let Down #1 zine


Plenty more where that came from next week.  Stay tuned.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Release Updates

I am out of my copies of the HEDLOK "Year of the Wolf" cassette.  If you missed out, it's up on the Bandcamp to stream or download.

THE ELSINORES LP is currently at the plant and is in production.  Updates on that as soon as they become apparent.

The NOTCHES demo tape is recorded and sounds awesome.  It will go to the plant this month and should be out by February.

The distro is being updated regularly and heavily, so keep your eyes on it for plenty of new and used gems.  Thanks for the support and here's to a solid 2014.