Here's the stuff I've released so far and what's coming up.  Distros/labels get in touch for wholesale/trades!

HKR-024: Dusteaters - Transhumanism CS - 100 on red cassettes with full color j-cards

HKR-022 - Sex Snobs - Pop Songs and Other Ways to Die CS - 100 on red cassettes with pro printed double sided j-card and label insert

HKR-021: Angry Gods - The Clearing LP - 330 on black vinyl with inverted LP jackets with pasted on front covers and screen printed back, two sided full color insert, hand-stamped numbered dust sleeves. Split release with Kid Sister Everything.

HKR-020: Cracked Vessel - No Path LP - 200 on black vinyl with inverted LP jakets with pasted on front covers and screen printed back, full color half-sized booklet, hand drawn and stamped center labels.  


HKR-019 - Notches - Huge 7" - 440 on green vinyl with black and white inserts, 110 on black vinyl with color inserts, all with full color fold-over covers.  Split released with Cat Dead, Details Later and Young Modern

HKR-018 - Baby Ghosts - Maybe Ghosts LP - 100 copies on blue, 100 copies on red, 300 copies on black with full color covers and black and white inserts (split released with Dirt Cult, Lost Cat, Drunken Sailor, Waterslide)

HKR-017 - The Valenteens - Fuzzed Out Tone For The Painfully Alone CS - 100 cassettes on white tapes with lyrics insert and black and white poster.  Split released with Ice Age Records.

HKR-016 - Cracked Vessel - The Wayward Path: Live on WHPK CS - 25 copies on hand numbered yellow tapes with full color multi-panel j-cards (out of print)

HKR-015 - Notches - Normal Cassette - 100 copies on red pro-dubbed tapes (out of print)

HKR-014 - The Elsinores - Dreams of Youth LP - 500 copies on black vinyl, most with screenprinted inside out LP sleeves, some with screenprinted foldover sleeves, 8 page half-sized zine insert (split release with IFB, Human Crush, Karmic Swamp, Dead Tank) (out of print)

HKR-013.33 - Coward - s/t 7" - 25 copies with exclusive Hip Kid covers out of 400 copies on black (out of print)

HKR-013 - The Coltranes - Never Sleep Again/Man With The Hat LP - 500 copies on black vinyl, full color jackets on recycled cardstock, double sided black and white inserts

HKR-012 - Hedlok - Year of the Wolf Cassette - 100 copies (50 red, 50 black), hand numbered with labels and double sided j-cards. (out of print)

HKR-011 - Dead Uncles - Stock Characters LP - 500 copies on black vinyl with double sided inserts and full discography download (split release with 86'd, Different Kitchen, Lost Cat, Sad Punk, Shitty Present, Trends Die, You Look Like Shit)  (out of print)

HKR-010 - Sloane Peterson - Why Go Out? LP - 1st Pressing: 305 black vinyl copies housed in a silk screened recycled jacket with red ink. All copies come with a photocopied 11x11" insert and sticker.
2nd Pressing: 200 copies on black vinyl with purple ink screen printed jackets and smaller inserts.
(split release with Art of the Underground, Hang Up, Steve's Pizza and Records, S-P, Dead Broke)

HKR-009 - Dead North - Spot Remover Cassette - 100 pro-printed cassettes with full color covers and photocopied inserts (out of print)

HKR-008 - Boilerman - Bright Young Things 7" - 400 white, 100 seafoam green vinyl, glue pocket covers,  double sided black and white insert (split release with Ice Age Records) (out of print)

HKR-007 - Loaded for Bear/Half Gorilla split 7" - 500 pressed, split released with Background Noise and Halo of Flies (out of print)

HKR-006 - Goat Bell/Pool Party split 7" - 400 copies on a variety of colors - (out of print)

HKR-005 - Puny Whipster #5 zine + comp CD - 500 copies (out of print)

HKR-004 - Loaded For Bear/Bizarre X split CD - 1,000 pressed, split released with Background Noise, One Sock, On The Warpath (out of print)

HKR-003 - I am the Cartographer/Humanifesto split 7" - 300 black vinyl, covers printed on 100% post-consumer paper (out of print)

HKR-002 - V/A - We're Friendly Here CDR comp - around 100 spray painted CDRs (out of print)

HKR-001 - PoisonNinjaClub - Dead Animal Disco CDR - 50 hand numbered "vinyl" CDRs (out of print)

HKR-00.5 - Operation: Cliff Clavin/The Max Levine Ensemble - split 7" - 300 pressed on scrap colored vinyl, split release with Plan-It-X and many others (out of print)

- Cracked Vessel - No Path LP
- Thirsty Chords tapes