Thursday, December 3, 2015

SEX SNOBS - Pop Songs and Other Ways to Die CS Out Now!

Today marks the release of SEX SNOBS - Pop Songs and Other Ways to Die CS.

Ten songs from this OKC noise rock/punk/fuzz pop/garage band.

See all those descriptors?  SEX SNOBS manage to require all of them and yet maintain a cohesive, unique sound that's all their own.  Raucous hardcore punk influenced noise rock jams give way to mellow, spacey ear worms that may never leave your head.  Propulsive, engaging, and demanding of multiple listens, yet memorable at the first.  There may be other ways to die, but probably not better.  

Limited to 100 copies on red tapes with a double-sided full color J-card and label insert.  This is HKR-022.



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In addition, there's a bunch of new stuff in the distro (and more on the way).  Scope that new ELSINORES LP!  Here's the rub:

Autarkeia - s/t LP
Bleed the Pigs/Thetan - split LP
Elsinores - New Forms LP
Homewreckers - I Statement LP (seafoam)
No//Se - Lower Berth LP
Remek/Paperplanecrack - split LP

American Hate - Dead Squeeze 7"
Davidians - Night Terrors 7" (clear)
Neon Piss - Close the Door 7"
Permanent Ruin - San Jose 7"
Perspex Flesh - Ona 7" (white/black marble)

Autonomy - Demo CS
Cretins - Demo CS
Hound - Out Of Time CS
Hound - Out of Space CS
Useless Eaters - Zulu CS

More distro stuff coming soon as well as a few new releases announcements.  Thanks for the continued support.