Monday, September 21, 2015

Distro Update 9/21/15

Some really solid jammers today.  New slammers from Not Normal, restock on the unstoppable COLTRANES 7", another installment of great used punk tapes.  Scope it:

Love Triangle - Clever Clever LP
Tragedy - Nerve Damage LP (tour version)

Astrid Oto - Welcome Home 7" (red)
Basement Benders - s/t 7"
Bent Outta Shape/Snuggle - split 7" (clear)
Big Zit - Electric Zit Vol. 1 7"
Coltranes - Cat of Nine Tails 7" (red)
Gas Chamber - Stained Hand 7"
Screamers - Punish or Be Damned 7"
Sete Star Sept/God's America - split 7"
Sin Motivo - Laberintos b/w Tierra Del Deseo 7"
Sin Orden - Ha Llegado El Momento 7"

Blank Stare - Live at Side Two CS
Duress - Demo CS
Iron Chic - Spooky Action CS
Murmurs - Bound CS
Shoppers - Silver Year CS
Strangers - s/t CS
Strangers - Demo CS

Plenty more new and used jammers to come, as well as some exciting release news.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

9/6 Distro Update

Lots of new stuff in the distro.  I just got several new collections of used stuff in and some incoming trades with a LOT more to put up, especially if you like punk and hardcore tapes.  Keep your eyes peeled.  Here's what's new this time around:

Big Eyes - Hard Life LP
Ergs - Dorkrockcorkrod LP (1st press)
House Boat - The Thorns of Life LP
Warm Needles - Inconsolable LP

Discharge - Fight Back 7"
J Church - She Said She Wouldn't Sacrifice 7"
J Church - This Song Is For Kathi 7"
J Church - She Never Leaves the Neighborhood 7"
J Church - Kittums In A Coma 7"
J Church - Ivy League College 7"
J Church - My Favorite Place 7"
Ivy - A Cat's Cause, No Dogs Problem 7"
Weston/Plow United - split 7"

Carbonleak - Demo CS
Cracked Vessel - Path I + II CS
Distract - Demo CS
Laika's Orbit - Demo CS
Libyans - Collection CS
Scabs - Demo CS
Times Beach - Raw Pop CS
The Valenteens - Emma Lee CS

SLOANE PETERSON LPs are making their way out into the world and it doesn't look like they'll be around for too long.  Grab one while you can!  The NOTCHES - Normal CS is officially out of stock and BABY GHOSTS and ELSINORES LPs are close behind as well.

Stay tuned for a bunch of new stuff soon.