Friday, October 6, 2017

Rash Tour

Hey everyone! I'll be on the road with RASH for from October 7th to 14th, so the store will be closed for that time. Come see us on the road and grab some records from me in person!

Here's where I'll be. Distro updates upon my return!

10/7 Cleveland w/perverts again - The Roobydocks @ Club Atlantis
10/8 NYC w/ Worse - SickHead- LSDeity @Gateway.
10/9 Boston W/ Pummel-Phlegm-Kind Crew-Isolations @ O'Briens Pub
10/10 West Haven, CT W/ Ordinance / Construction Paper / Dust Control @ A new spot
10/11 Philly w Preen- Enamal-TVO @Lava Space
10/12 D.C. w/ The Unknown Threat - Plastic Taste @ Slash Run
10/13 Indianapolis w/ Prison Shiv - City Trash - Kiddo @ State Street Pub