Thursday, December 3, 2015

SEX SNOBS - Pop Songs and Other Ways to Die CS Out Now!

Today marks the release of SEX SNOBS - Pop Songs and Other Ways to Die CS.

Ten songs from this OKC noise rock/punk/fuzz pop/garage band.

See all those descriptors?  SEX SNOBS manage to require all of them and yet maintain a cohesive, unique sound that's all their own.  Raucous hardcore punk influenced noise rock jams give way to mellow, spacey ear worms that may never leave your head.  Propulsive, engaging, and demanding of multiple listens, yet memorable at the first.  There may be other ways to die, but probably not better.  

Limited to 100 copies on red tapes with a double-sided full color J-card and label insert.  This is HKR-022.



LABELS/DISTROS: Get in touch for wholesale/trades.

In addition, there's a bunch of new stuff in the distro (and more on the way).  Scope that new ELSINORES LP!  Here's the rub:

Autarkeia - s/t LP
Bleed the Pigs/Thetan - split LP
Elsinores - New Forms LP
Homewreckers - I Statement LP (seafoam)
No//Se - Lower Berth LP
Remek/Paperplanecrack - split LP

American Hate - Dead Squeeze 7"
Davidians - Night Terrors 7" (clear)
Neon Piss - Close the Door 7"
Permanent Ruin - San Jose 7"
Perspex Flesh - Ona 7" (white/black marble)

Autonomy - Demo CS
Cretins - Demo CS
Hound - Out Of Time CS
Hound - Out of Space CS
Useless Eaters - Zulu CS

More distro stuff coming soon as well as a few new releases announcements.  Thanks for the continued support.

Monday, November 23, 2015

11/23/15 Distro Update

A small distro update today with some true jammers before I go play a RASH gig.  Someone grab that BLACK PLANET tape ASAP.  Here's the list:

Autistic Youth - Idle Minds LP
Dory Tourette And The Skirtheads ‎– Rock Immortal LP (white, limited cover)
Mordecai ‎– Neil's Generator LP

Against Me! - Sink Florida Sink 7" (gray)
Blotto - Bang Up Your Chair 7"
V/A - Reality compilation 7" (gray marble)

Autistic Youth - Landmine Beach CS
Black Planet - s/t CS

In label news, the SEX SNOBS tapes will be available next week.  Expect an update and big distro update with that.

DEAD UNCLES and ELSINORES LPs are officially sold out from HIP KID.  There should still be some floating around in distros if you need any.  NOTCHES 7"s on black vinyl are under 20 copies, so if you want a limited version of that, now's the time.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

11/4/15 Distro Update

Small, but righteous distro update today.  If you don't have that SCOUNDREL LP or the ANTIFACES demo, what's your problem?  What are you doing with your life?  Some cool used stuff on the cheap as well. Check it:

Allvaret - Tank Pa Dodden LP
Scoundrel - Freak Flag LP
Sweatshop Boys - The Great Depression LP

The Gr'ups - s/t 7"
The Gr'ups ‎– Buildings Are The Purtiest Trees I've Seen 7"
Mauser ‎– End Of The Line 7"
Poor Form - s/t 7"
Since By Man ‎– Starter Kit To Promote Destruction Of Adulthood 7" (green)

Antifaces - Sonidos Reciclados CS
Infección ‎– Tanto Sexo, Tanta Gonorrea CS
Positive Reinforcement - Out of Ideas CS
Post Child/Strawberry Jacuzzi - split CS
Video Duct - Anti Human Hate CS
V/A - ROIR 10 Years comp CS

SEX SNOBS tapes are at the plant and should be to me in the next couple of weeks.  Keep your eyes out for that.  There's more stuff in the works, but nothing to announce yet.  Plenty more new and used jams coming soon!  Keep your eyes peeled.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SEX SNOBS + 10/21/15 Distro Update

I've been out of the town the past few weeks, but I'm back with some news and a righteous distro update.

First off, Hip Kid is going to be releasing the excellent second full length by Oklahoma City's SEX SNOBS.  The album is entitled "Pop Songs and Other Ways To Die" and a cassette edition of it is going into production now.  Hold onto your hats.

As for new distro stuff, I don't need to tell you to grab that GLOSS EP, but I do need to tell you to get the GRAVEL tape and the NOTCHES full length while you're at it.  Plenty of other certified rockers in there as well:

The Fugs ‎– Virgin Fugs LP
Senior Fellows - Shallow Grave For A Dying God LP
Siege Fire - Dead Refuge LP
Terveet Kadet - Lapin Helvetti LP
Thisclose - One Foot In The Grave LP

G.L.O.S.S. - Girls Living Outside Society's Shit 7"
Hissyfits - All Dolled Up 7" (red or pink)
Hissyfits - Wish You Were Here 7" (red/white splatter)
Radiation - s/t 7"
Sloane Peterson - Knots/Telephone 7"

Carbonleak - Demo CS (limited cover)
Cloud Rat - Qliphoth CS
Cold Waste/Burnt Hair - split CS
Condenada - Demo CS
General Interest - Demo CS
Gluebag - Confused CS
Gluebag - Welcome to the Planet Motherfucker CS
Gravel - Demo CS
La Fraction - Aussi Long Sera Le Chemin CS
Merchandise - Gone Are The Silk Gardens Of Youth CS
Merchandise - Terminal Jagger Jane's Addiction Boxset CS
Notches - High Speed Crimes CS

I've got a stack of new stuff to go up next week, so stay tuned.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Distro Update 9/21/15

Some really solid jammers today.  New slammers from Not Normal, restock on the unstoppable COLTRANES 7", another installment of great used punk tapes.  Scope it:

Love Triangle - Clever Clever LP
Tragedy - Nerve Damage LP (tour version)

Astrid Oto - Welcome Home 7" (red)
Basement Benders - s/t 7"
Bent Outta Shape/Snuggle - split 7" (clear)
Big Zit - Electric Zit Vol. 1 7"
Coltranes - Cat of Nine Tails 7" (red)
Gas Chamber - Stained Hand 7"
Screamers - Punish or Be Damned 7"
Sete Star Sept/God's America - split 7"
Sin Motivo - Laberintos b/w Tierra Del Deseo 7"
Sin Orden - Ha Llegado El Momento 7"

Blank Stare - Live at Side Two CS
Duress - Demo CS
Iron Chic - Spooky Action CS
Murmurs - Bound CS
Shoppers - Silver Year CS
Strangers - s/t CS
Strangers - Demo CS

Plenty more new and used jammers to come, as well as some exciting release news.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

9/6 Distro Update

Lots of new stuff in the distro.  I just got several new collections of used stuff in and some incoming trades with a LOT more to put up, especially if you like punk and hardcore tapes.  Keep your eyes peeled.  Here's what's new this time around:

Big Eyes - Hard Life LP
Ergs - Dorkrockcorkrod LP (1st press)
House Boat - The Thorns of Life LP
Warm Needles - Inconsolable LP

Discharge - Fight Back 7"
J Church - She Said She Wouldn't Sacrifice 7"
J Church - This Song Is For Kathi 7"
J Church - She Never Leaves the Neighborhood 7"
J Church - Kittums In A Coma 7"
J Church - Ivy League College 7"
J Church - My Favorite Place 7"
Ivy - A Cat's Cause, No Dogs Problem 7"
Weston/Plow United - split 7"

Carbonleak - Demo CS
Cracked Vessel - Path I + II CS
Distract - Demo CS
Laika's Orbit - Demo CS
Libyans - Collection CS
Scabs - Demo CS
Times Beach - Raw Pop CS
The Valenteens - Emma Lee CS

SLOANE PETERSON LPs are making their way out into the world and it doesn't look like they'll be around for too long.  Grab one while you can!  The NOTCHES - Normal CS is officially out of stock and BABY GHOSTS and ELSINORES LPs are close behind as well.

Stay tuned for a bunch of new stuff soon.

Friday, August 14, 2015

8/14/15 Distro Update/SLOANE PETERSON Repress

The SLOANE PETERSON LP is officially back in print! My copies are on the way to me now and should arrive next week. I've got them on sale in the store now. This is a very small repress, so snag a copy while it's back! Labels/distros - get in touch for wholesale or trades.
Stream/download this classic at
Lots of new stuff in the distro today as well, with a LOT more where that came from in the coming weeks.

Ambassador 9 Ninety - s/t LP (green)
Burnman – Notes For A Catalogue For An Exhibition LP (yellow)
Das Oath - s/t LP (clear)
The Deadwood Divine - Tom Lomacchio LP
FYP - Dance My Dunce LP
Grabass Charlestons/Billy Reese Peters - split LP (orange)
The Lawrence Arms - Cocktails and Dreams 2xLP
True North/Reactionary 3 - split LP
V/A - Letters From the Landfill compilation LP
Failures - s/t 7"
Gas Rag - Human Rights 7"
Gomek - What the Hell Happened? 7"
Holy Mountain - Your Face In Decline 7" (purple)
Holy Mountain - The Wrath 7" (salmon)
Rights Reserved - s/t 7"
SFN - s/t 7" (green)
The Vicious - Igen 7"
Rash - Demo CS
A huge number of used records and tapes are on the horizon, from cheap jammers to rare stuff, so keep your eyes peeled! Thanks for the support!

Monday, August 3, 2015

8/3/15 Distro Update

Got some new and used platters this week including the absolutley necessary BLASPHEMY - FALLEN ANGEL OF DOOM reissue LP.  Buy that and get those MERKIT records while you're at it.  Here's the skinny:

Blasphemy - Fallen Angel of Doom LP
Combatwoundedveteran ‎– I Know A Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos LP (purple)
Much Worse – Macrocosm Is A Wash LP(red)
Neon Blud - B-Girls LP
Sick Fix - Vexed LP

Cancers - Dig 7"
Guyana Punch Line - Youth for Smashism 7" (red)
In/Humanity ‎– Your Future Lies Smoldering At The Feet Of The Robots 7"
M Blanket/Slinky - split 7"
Merkit/Demian - split 7"
Merkit - s/t 7"
Neon Blud - Whipps 7"
Positive Noise/Xtra Vomit - split 7"
Toys That Kill/Joyce Manor - split 7" (gold)

Chase Ambler - No One Cares CS

There's a bunch of used records coming in and some trades on their way as well.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Distro Update 7/19/15

Some true jammers, all brand new this time.  I highly recommend the Le Almeida and new Cloud Rat LPs.

Cloud Rat - Qliphoth LP
Cloud Rat - Moksha LP
Closet Burner - s/t LP
Dingus - Who Cares? LP (gray)
Le Almeida - Paraleloplasmos LP
Old Soul/Lentic Waters - split LP
Recreant - s/t LP

Dead Uncles - s/t 7" (clear/white split)
Glocca Morra - Ghoul Intentions (clear)
Glocca Morra - Wussy Pillow 7"
Hank Wood and the Hammerheads - s/t 7"
Love Triangle - Boomerang Girl 7"
No Love - Sorry State Single 7"
Pretty Girls Make Graves - Sad Girls Por Vida 7"
Republic of Dreams/Autarkeia - split 7"
Spit-Take - Queens Pawn Game 7"
Thisclose - Fear and Terror 7" (orange)
Unfun - Pain Prescription 7" (purple)
VMW - s/t 7" (clear)

Deep State - Bein Mean CS
Kommunion - Demo CS

Megafritz - Demo CD

Still have more trades and more piles of used stuff en route, so stay tuned.

NOTCHES records are getting out there.  Chicagoans, go grab one at Logan Hardware or Reckless.  Black copies are dwindling, so grab one while you've got a shot.  I'm also down to the last two NOTCHES Normal tapes ever.

DEAD UNCLES LP is down to 2 copies left and is priced to move.  Grab one with that s/t 7".

COWARD and HEDLOK EPs are both gone for good and I have less than 10 copies left of THE ELSINORES LP.  Don't miss out on that one either.

The SLOANE PETERSON LP repress is moving along well and should be out before you know it too!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

NOTCHES - Huge 7" Out Now!

At long last, the first ever NOTCHES vinyl exists.  After an excellent demo, NOTCHES returns with their first foray into the world of wax.  This new EP features one re-recorded demo track and three new jammers.  This band manages to take the absolute best parts of Superchunk influenced indie rock, pop punk, and the tiniest bit of top tier emo bands to make something wholly their own.  With a clearer recording than the demo, the intricacies of the songs have more room to rise to the fore after a few listens.  NOTCHES keeps getting better and better.

Buy the thing:

440 copies on green with black and white inserts
110 copies on black with full color inserts
All with full color fold-over covers

Split released with Young Modern and Cat Dead, Details Later

LABELS/DISTROS: Get in touch for wholesale/trades!

In semi-related news, thanks to everyone who came out to shows on the BOILERMAN tour.  Since I'm back, here's a big distro update with some stuff from the road and a bunch of hold-overs from before I left.

The Insurgent - Inside Every Kid 10" (purple)

Ampere - First Recordings 7" (red cover)
Ampere/Daitro - split 7"
Armalite - Humongous 7" (purple)
Capitalist Casualties - Dope and War 7"
Complaints - s/t 7" (white)
Furdidurke - s/t 7"
FYP - My Neighbores Is Stoopid 7"
Gleam Garden/Browntrout - split 7"
Listen Lady - s/t 7" (purple/red)
Masked Intruder/Turkletons - split 7"
Off With Their Heads/Tiltwheel - split 7"
Off With Their Heads/J Church - split 7"
Practice - More Practice 7"
Tenement - Ice Pick 7" (green)
Tigers Jaw / World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The / Code Orange Kids / Self Defense Family ‎– 4-way Split 7" (red)
Toys That Kill/Future Virgins - split 7"

Night Burger - Burnin' Fast CS (used)
Night Burger/Slaughtering Dolphins - split CS (used)

There's plenty more where that came from.  Stay tuned.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Going on Tour

I'll be on tour starting tomorrow until the 23rd.  As such, the webstore will be down until I get back and the NOTCHES 7" will then be available for mailorder!  Until then, come see me on the road with BOILERMAN.

Plenty of great distro updates when I return as well.  Stay tuned.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Distro Update 5/29/15 + Tour

In label news, the NOTCHES - Huge 7" has finally shipped from the plant.  The band will have their copies for their show on June 16th and all three labels involved will have them for sale online at the end of the month!  More on that soon.

A small distro update today with a couple new things and a couple rarer used items.

Canadian Rifle - Deep Ends LP

Ajax - s/t 7" (tour edition)
Curmudgeon - s/t 7" (gray, Smash It Dead edition)
No Statik - No Hospice 7" (yellow)

Acid Bath Vampire - s/t CS
Divisions - Fin CS (used)
Sea of Shit - s/t CS (used)
UV-TV - Demo CS
Veins - s/t CS (used)

Valenteens tapes are moving steadily, so get one while they're around.  There are only 100.

I have a bunch more stuff on deck, but the distro is coming with me on BOILERMAN tour in June, so this will be the last webstore update until I'm back.  Come hang out and buy stuff in person for cheaper than the Internet!  Here's where we'll be:

More information!

6/6 - Chicago (B-Sides comp 7" record release) @ The Flowershop w/ Brickfight, Boxsledder, Scoundrel

7 - Cincinnati @ Black Plastic w/ Deep State, Swim Team

8 - Columbus @ 15 House w/ Nuclear Moms, Raging Nathans

9 - Asheville, NC w/ Laika's Orbit

10 - Raleigh w/ Laika's Orbit

11 - Richmond

12 - Philly @ Lava Space w/ Crybaby, Kyle Gilbride (of Swearin')

13 - Long Island w/ Grave Blankets, Yum Yuckers

14 - New Haven, CT @ Osborn House w/ Spit-Take (7" release), Worn Leather

15 - Boston @ Charlie's Kitchen w/ Witches With Dicks, Bundles

16 - Portsmouth, NH @ Red Door w/ Notches, Little My, Gravel

17 - Portland, Maine @ Brown Haus w/ Gout, Seasonal Disorders

18-21st - Ottawa Explosion (though we would be willing to play somewhere nearby the 21st)

22 - Toronto, ON @ The Central w/ Brauer, Winter 94

Friday, May 15, 2015

THE VALENTEENS - Fuzzed Out Tone For The Painfully Alone CS Out Now!

Today marks the release of the excellent full length by THE VALENTEENS entitled "Fuzzed Out Tone for the Painfully Alone" on cassette courtesy of HIP KID and ICE AGE RECORDS.

Pop songs played at 45 rpm, with the volume and ferocity pushed to the brink of destruction. Drums explode through thick walls of fuzz and distortion to make room for the hooks, while the melody-laden vocals help navigate through the forest of noise, leading you towards the light and onto the dance floor. Don't you wanna???

Listen/download at

Pick up a copy at

In addition, here's a bunch of new stuff that's been added to the distro!

Disrotted - s/t LP
Manpig - s/t LP
pg99/Waifle - split LP (gray)
Wiccans - Field II LP

Bollweevils - Disassembler 7"
Capitalist Casualties - Dope and War 7"
Drunkdriver - Knife Day 7" (white)
Enemy Soil/Reversal of Man - split 7"
Negative Degree - s/t 7"
Half Gorilla/Magnicide - split 7"
No Sir I Won't - s/t 7"
October 31 - Gone To The Devil 7" (red/black)
Operation: Cliff Clavin/I Farm - split 7"
Republic of Dreams/Beau Navire - split 7" (green)
Rubrics - Sow Your Seeds 7"
Tiltwheel/Down in the Dumps - split 7" (orange)
V/A - Art of the Underground Single Series Year Four 7" Box Set
V/A - B-Sides compilation 7"

Bathhouse Boys - s/t CS (used)
Cal and the Calories - Demo CS (used)
The Valenteens - Fuzzed Out Tone For The Painfully Alone CS

Boxsledder/The Nesmins - Heavyweights CD

Get some goods while the getting's good.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Distro Update

A bunch of new stuff and a few used platters in the store today.  Here's the breakdown:

Lemuria - Pebble LP
Old Soul - Nature's Arms Encircle All LP (brown)
Nona - Through the Head LP
Resurrectionists - s/t LP

Cloud Rat/Autarkeia - split 7"
Cold Shoulder - Patriot 7"
Leechfeast/Marnost - split 7"
My Lai - s/t 7"
Off With Their Heads/The Measure [sa] - split 7" (splatter)
SFN/In Disgust - split 7"
V/A - A Benefit For The Reno Food Not Bombs comp 7"

Family Outing - Demo CS
Sadicos - Demo CS

More on its way!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Distro Update 3/11/15

Some new stuff, some used stuff, everything you want and more!  Here's the specifics:

Think I Care - Mongrel 10" (red)

Adult Crash - Unfinished Business LP
Crime Desire - Alone In A Dream EDICII LP
Crime Desire - Every Day...In Chains LP
Dead Mechanical - Addict Rhythms LP
F Minus - Suburban Blight LP
Muhammad Ali - s/t LP
Sundials - Never Settle LP
Unitas - Porch Life LP (white)

Closet Fairies - AOTU Single Series 7"
Cosmetic Puffs/ETC split 7"
Jabber - Too Many Babes 7"
Pity Party - Do A Little Dance 7"
Stymie/Unfun - split 7"

In label news, NOTCHES 7" is at the plant.  Covers are in hand and look great, so we're just waiting on vinyl.
The excellent SLOANE PETERSON - Why Go Out? LP is seeing a small repress through HIP KID and DEAD BROKE.  More on that as it progresses.
I've got a heap of used records to put up next week, so keep your eyes peeled.  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

NOTCHES Test Presses Shipped!

The second press of the first GIDIM tape is now for sale in the store.  100 more copies were pressed, this time with pro-printed o-cards and gray cardstock inserts.  THe first press went pretty quickly, so if you'd like a copy and missed out, now's the time.

Also plenty of new distro goodies to snag:

Hurula - s/t LP
No - Great Space LP
Sedatives - s/t LP
White Walls ‎– Kevin "The Magnum Opus" LP

Altered Boys - s/t 7"
Manipulation - s/t 7"
Pretty Girls Make Graves - Sad Girls Por Vida 7"
Rational Animals - Cross Eyed Delights 7"
Sawhorse - s/t 7"
SHIT - Generation Shit 7"
SHIT - Collective Unconsciosness 7"
Sucked Dry - s/t 7"
Una Bestia Incontrolable - Nou Mon 7"
Urban Blight - s/t 7"

Gidim - s/t CS

In label news, NOTCHES test presses should be here by the end of the week, as should GRASSEATERS artwork!  I'm very excited to loose both of these releases on the world soon.
New trades and used stuff coming very soon as well.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Distro/Label Update

My Internet has been having weird and annoying connection problems recently, but I finally managed to get a handful of crucial new records up in the store.  Here they are:

Asshole Parade/Slight Slappers - split LP (green)
The Bomb - The Challenger LP (purple/gray split)
Brainworms - II: Swear to Me LP
The Conversions - Prisoners' Inventions LP
Glass and Ashes - s/t LP (purple)
Grabass Charlestons - Dale and The Careeners LP (gold)
Hawks and Doves - Year One LP
No Friends - s/t LP + CD
Two Funerals - Boys Club LP

Deep Wound - s/t 7" (pink)
Occults - s/t 7"
SHIT - Feeding Time 7"
White Walls - Full Flavor 7" (purple)
World/Inferno Friendship Society - Turnstile Comix #2 (magenta)

In label news, NOTCHES - Huge 7" is at the plant, hopefully only a couple weeks away from test presses.
A repress of the first GIDIM demo is also in production for those who missed the first press.

Tons more distro stuff on the horizion, both new and used.  Stay tuned.