Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Used Stuff and Boilerman Update

The vinyl for the Boilerman LP has shipped to me.  They should be out ahead of schedule!  In honor of this wonderful fact, I've updated the distro with some righteous new jams:

Repos/Fourteen or Fight - split 7" (red)
Terminal State - Sick 7"
Acid Reflux - s/t 7" (gold)
Born/Dead - s/t 7"
V/A - Deadly Sins 4 x 7" box set
White Flag - Live! Bleedin' in Sweden 1986 7"
Threatener - The Hammering 7"
The Sleaze - Smokin' Fuckin' Cigs 7"
Regulations - Destroy 7"
Nitad - s/t 7"
Estranged - Entranced 7"
Estranged - Sacred Decay 7"
Estranged - s/t 7" (pink)
Degradation - Still Screaming 7" (gold)

Scope the webstore to score some.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Coltranes Pre-orders and Distro Update

Pre-orders for THE COLTRANES "Never Sleep Again/Man With The Hat" LPs are now up.

Pre-order it here:  http://hipkidrecords.storenvy.com

Stream it here:  http://hipkidrecords.bandcamp.com

I also added a bunch of new and used stuff to the distro.  Here's the list:

V/A - SoCal Thrash Demoltion comp 7"
Unfun - Shallow Graves 7" (UK import)
Dead To Me - Wait For It... 7" (gold foil version)
Credentials - Consolation Prizes 7"
Barrakuda McMurder - Slow Crawl 7" (green)
Threatener - The Fastening 7"
Skate Korpe - Bomb the Hills 7"
Set to Explode - s/t 7"
The PMRC - s/t 7"
Life Trap - Bleak Reality 7"
Intifada - First to Terrorize 7"
Funeral Shock - s/t 7"
Fashion - s/t 7"
Dustheads - Tall Tales II 7" (white)
Deep Sleep - You're Screwed 7" (green)
Dark Ages - 4 Songs 7"
Curtainrail/John Brown's Army - split 7"
Caustic Christ/Intense Youth - split 7"
Citizens Patrol - Dead Children 7"
Cancer Kids/Melee - split 7"
Bored to Death - s/t 7"
Artimus Pyle - Fortress 7"
Anti-You - Making Your Life Miserable 7"
American Cheeseburger - s/t 7"

More stuff soon!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Huff Stuff, Coltranes, and More

I just updated the distro with some crucial stuff.

- Coltranes - Sessions of Terror and Piss CS
- Huff Stuff Magazine - Sugar Mountain LP

These are both totally required listening.  I also added some used stuff by Defect Defect, Dreamdecay, and an Art of the Underground Singles Series Box Set.  Check it out in the DISTRO.

Dead Uncles vinyl is done and should be arriving in the near future.  Keep your eyes peeled for when they land.

Additionally, the Boilerman "Loss Leaders" LP, for which I'll be doing the mail order, is up for pre-order in the store.  We just approved the test presses today and they sound great.  Pick one up!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Records on Records on Records

Just did a pretty sizable distro update with new and used stuff.  Some new jams from the likes of Divine Right, Dead Uncles, Rations, Shoppers, some rare used stuff from Poison Idea, Earth, Thrones, Man is the Bastard, Moonspell, and lots of very reasonably priced used stuff from tons of bands.  Check it out in the DISTRO.

In other news, The Coltranes "Never Sleep Again/Man With The Hat" LPs are at the plant.  The Dead Uncles "Stock Characters" LP tests have been approved.  Hedlok tapes are moving along.  I'll also be doing the mailorder for the Boilerman "Loss Leaders" LP, which is also at the plant.  Keep an eye out - things are happening.