Saturday, April 26, 2014

Distro Update 4/26/14

Here's a small update for this week, but a good one.  You need that NANDAS tape and should probably grab that NEW CREASES 7" if you still don't have it.  In fact, not unlike Sum 41, this update is all killer, no filler.

Ergquist - 42.069 Seconds With... 7"
Misled Youth - s/t 7"
New Creases - About Last Night 7" (yellow)
Pity Party/Bad Mammals - split 7"
Rad Payoff - s/t 7"
Shang-A-Lang - Waiting For the End 7"
Short Attention - Polished Turds 7"
Wymyn's Prysyn - s/t 7"

Nandas - s/t CS

Upcoming label stuff is moving along.  Expect specific news on some stuff next week.  Thanks for the support!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Distro Update 4/22/14

Some new and used goodies this week from pop punk to hardcore to screamo.  It's all here.  Get that TREEPEOPLE LP and that WRANGLER BRUTES.

Max Levine Ensemble - Mr. Gikokovich LP
Outlast - As Sure As I Live LP
Sass Dragons - New Kids On The Bong LP
Sucked Dry - Dog Children LP
Treepeople - Guilt Regret Embarrassment LP
Wrangler Brutes - Tape LP
V/A - All Systems Go comp LP (orange)

F - Four From '84 7" (purple)
Half Man/Conniption - split 7"
Insolentes/Tras De Nada - split 7"
Isolation - s/t 7" (pre-cover, seafoam)
Landbridge - s/t 7"
Peeple Watchin'/Nona - split 7" (gray)
Rubrics/Abolitionist - split 7" (blue)
They Eat Their Own God - s/t 7" (purple)
V/A - The Ties That Bind comp 7"/CS

Dethwarrant - All Things Must Kick Ass CS
Rad Payoff - The Good, The Rad, The Ugly CS

CRACKED VESSEL tapes are being made currently and should be out by the band's weekend of shows in early May.

GIDIM tapes are next up and are just waiting for some finishing touches on the art before going into production.

NOTCHES demos are over halfway gone, so get one while you can.  I'm also down to less than 10 DEAD UNCLES LPs (and they're ON SALE!) and a mere 2 COWARD 7"s.

More goodies next week.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Distro Update 4/13/14

Here's this week's haul.  Some great metal LPs in there, plus some rare Run For Cover stuff, and some solid new jammers too.

Black Sabbath - Born Again LP
Cloud Rat - s/t LP
Cloud Rat - Moksha LP
Convict - Go Ahead...Make My Day LP
Dead Friends - s/t LP
Dio - Dream Evil LP
Grim Reaper - Fear No Evil LP
Lou Reed - Transformer LP
Neil Young - Harvest LP$
Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak LP
V/A - Metal Warriors compilation LP
V/A - Guinea Worm compilation LP

Captain We're Sinking - With Joe Riley 7" (blue)
Control De Estado - Ladron 7"
Gas Rag - Demo 7"
F Minus - Sweating Blood 7" (red)
Hostage Calm- War On A Feeling 7"
M Blanket - Seen It Coming 7"
Manix - Van Activities 7" (pink)
Manix/Arms Aloft - split 7" (cream)
Mockingbird Wish Me Luck - Living Weakness 7"
Permanent Ruin - San Jose 7"
Radiation - s/t 7"
Tigers Jaw - Gypsy 7"
Tonka/Suburban Propane - split 7" (gray)

Family Outing - Branscombe CS

ELSINORES LPs are still hot.  Grab one and get down.  CRACKED VESSEL materials are here and just need printing/assembly, so expect those to be out soon.
GIDIM recordings are nearly mastered, so those should be less than a month as well.  BABY GHOSTS LP and GRASSEATERS tape are progressing casually.

More used and new goodies next week!

Friday, April 4, 2014

ELSINORES - Dreams of Youth LP Out Now!

Finally this beast is available for public consumption.

The debut LP from Lexington, KY's THE ELSINORES. Dreamy, post-punk influenced songs that evoke feelings of nostalgia, loss, and hope simultaneously. Comparisons to Husker Du, New Order, Wipers, and early Merchandise would all be alright starting points, but this thing is truly its own unique beast. Perfect production that's full and enveloping rounds everything out.
500 copies on black vinyl, most with screen printed inside-out LP jackets, less with screenprinted fold-over covers, all including an 8 page half-sized zine with lyrics, art, and associated writings about the album and songs therein.
This is HKR-014. Released in conjunction with IFB, Karmic Swamp, Dead Tank, and Human Crush.

Buy it here:

Listen to it/download it here: