Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SEX SNOBS + 10/21/15 Distro Update

I've been out of the town the past few weeks, but I'm back with some news and a righteous distro update.

First off, Hip Kid is going to be releasing the excellent second full length by Oklahoma City's SEX SNOBS.  The album is entitled "Pop Songs and Other Ways To Die" and a cassette edition of it is going into production now.  Hold onto your hats.

As for new distro stuff, I don't need to tell you to grab that GLOSS EP, but I do need to tell you to get the GRAVEL tape and the NOTCHES full length while you're at it.  Plenty of other certified rockers in there as well:

The Fugs ‎– Virgin Fugs LP
Senior Fellows - Shallow Grave For A Dying God LP
Siege Fire - Dead Refuge LP
Terveet Kadet - Lapin Helvetti LP
Thisclose - One Foot In The Grave LP

G.L.O.S.S. - Girls Living Outside Society's Shit 7"
Hissyfits - All Dolled Up 7" (red or pink)
Hissyfits - Wish You Were Here 7" (red/white splatter)
Radiation - s/t 7"
Sloane Peterson - Knots/Telephone 7"

Carbonleak - Demo CS (limited cover)
Cloud Rat - Qliphoth CS
Cold Waste/Burnt Hair - split CS
Condenada - Demo CS
General Interest - Demo CS
Gluebag - Confused CS
Gluebag - Welcome to the Planet Motherfucker CS
Gravel - Demo CS
La Fraction - Aussi Long Sera Le Chemin CS
Merchandise - Gone Are The Silk Gardens Of Youth CS
Merchandise - Terminal Jagger Jane's Addiction Boxset CS
Notches - High Speed Crimes CS

I've got a stack of new stuff to go up next week, so stay tuned.

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