Thursday, June 12, 2014

6/12/14 Distro Update

Smaller update today featuring some true jammers.  Here's the deal:

Die Kreuzen - Century Days LP

Armed With Intelligence - What May Seem Dumb To You Is Pounding In My Heart 7" (green)
Daisycutter/Socially Retarded split 7"
Kakistocracy - An Apology 7"
Kid Dynamite/Elliott/Sunday Evening Dinner Club - I Stand Alone 7"
The Stops - s/t 7"

No update next week because I'm going to be playing the Extreme Noise 20th Anniversay weekend, as well as shows the 16th and 17th, with BOILERMAN and coming straight back to run/play the Chicago COLTRANES gig on the 23rd.  If you're around the Midwest, come hang out.

In label news, BABY GHOSTS tests have been approved.  GRASSEATERS is slow, but steady.  One COWARD 7" remains and CRACKED VESSEL tapes are loooow.

Next update should include some killer new and used pop punk stuff including a bunch of J CHURCH and CRINGER stuff.  Stay tuned.

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